Here at the Kidfit Academy, we focus on the physical literacy and development of kids aged 5-11 years. It is our mission to provide kids with the motivation, competence, confidence, knowledge and resilience to be their best, move freely, thrive in sport and be active for life. In each session, our focus is on the optimisation and betterment of children’s health, fitness and physical development, as well as improving the way that children view themselves. We strive to attain widespread inclusive, sustainable and enjoyable participation and success for all.

Sessions are held at Outside The Box Gym in Noosa Heads, located within the grounds of Noosa Springs Golf & Spa Resort.


As the culture of education and entertainment moves more online, it's an unfortunate consequence that children are physically playing less. They're specialising and dropping out of sport earlier than they used to, and they're spending more time inside with screens and devices. Furthermore, when they are getting outside and participating in sport and physical activities, kids are getting injured easier than before. This culture is declining children’s ability to perform simple fundamental movement patterns, which automatically causes them to limit their potential and shy away from organised sport and unstructured outdoor play.

Resulting from these changes is a global health issue that only seeks to get worse as kids age and develop. Kidfit Academy exists to show kids that there is freedom and fun in movement. We are committed to getting kids moving more, and with better quality, totally improving their quality of life — both now and in the future.